Friday, August 21, 2009

Blushing through the mask

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While drinking a cup of tea and looking at my daily fashion blogs(karlas closet/fashion toast) I immediately go to the comments section. I cant help but notice the usual "we love yous" and "great outfit" which at times can get repetitive. The comments that really catch my attention are the anonymous comments because they may be blunt, mean, harsh but in a way they are saying what alot of readers are feeling. But, then again other commenters see them as cowards because of their anonymity but lets face it (1)some readers cant even express their true feelings even if they were anonymous and (2) you have to admit, reading the comments are interesting, some make you laugh, others cause you to roll your eyes and well others you want to delete but in the end anons are the real highlights and stars of the comment section whether us readers like it or not.
being an anon can be somewhat deeper, sometimes I feels like anons are the people who are truly being themselves. Non-anons hide behind invisible masks, some of us wake up each morning putting on a mask just so
we can get through the day.
What are your thoughts?
anons and non-anons welcome

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Clutch the Clutch

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These always seem to clutch my attention(i know, its corny). From the moment clutches fell onto the runway I knew that the New Purse had been created. Larger than a wallet smaller than a purse, us ladies can throw our most valuables in it without being bogged down with the unnecessaries of a purse. Typically I'm not a fan of LV but the soft mustard color with the mix of multi colored gems is perfection. Marc Jacobs, well...I dont need to say much about the lovely mix match of colors but that any lady would be priveledged hold this in her hand.



After living in Sunny California all my life, I have seen my share of hopeful comers and sorrowful goers. Because of this I have come to a realization that there are only three reasons people come to cali, The sun, the money, and the love. When they realize that these are darn near unattainable they leave, hearts dragging unwillingly behind them.
And well I, I stand peering through the display Window longing for the architectural YSl leather "Imperiale" boot in hopes that one day I will be walking past this same window wearing those heels. I guess finding money and love in the sun is just as simple as finding a Prada heel in Jcpenny. But then again I did find these really cute white with gold trim flats there, so maybe its not time to give up yet :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

consistently Indecisive


The Invitation arrived.
I shuffled through my stuffed but manageable closet for the perfect heels and dress. The dress had to be stunning but not outrageous. I plopped down on the oak wood floor and long eyes stared up at Elie Saab, Chanel, Valentino, and Oscar de La renta (maybe I went to far with Oscar de la renta).
Who was I to choose.
I dropped my head in an absolutely feeling of indecisiveness and then I saw her. She was staring at me as if she was always there. Ms. Vintage herself, a knee length Audrey Hepburn type dress was my golden ticket. And for the shoes I chose the one man that is consistent in my life...Steve Madden.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Laidback Trendsetters


As I was doing my ususal browsing through Cobrasnake, I cam across these three trendsetters
1. red boots command the center of attention
2. aren't these shoes Fucking awesome!
3. The Watermelon has captured not only my heart but my hunger also

But one thing does all three of these things but is not a shoe is
Dorm Life, check it out for yourself, my words wouldnt do it justice.
It is that amazing.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tea Breaks


(The Selby)

Currently I am multitasking, not only am I writing this post but I am doing a metal headbang to the killers, When you were young(it never gets old). My day went as usual woke up/made tea/browse through tons of fashion blogs/go out and caress the night with timeless partying. Yes, my day was good, good indeed except I think I am beginning to annoy my neighborhood bookstore because I keep popping in(every 2.5 min) to see if they have received The Sartorialist book, Why!! Oh why do they do this to me?! Its supposed to already be out and be in my hands!

"Oh btw May I please have a raspberry tea with two packets of sugar, oh and on the side two fashion blogs, a sprinkle of anonymous comments and flame wars. Thank you, that's all"

sometimes reading the comments can be just as or a tad more interesting than the blog itself ;)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Completely Covered


Photobucket, Wunderkind Fall 2009

Wunderkind by Wolfgang joop

original/unique/breathtaking/classic/bold/need I say more, this guy is a genius/the layering is beautiful
Mixing colors and different patterns is his specialty. He knows how to capture the eye and turn any inadequate look into a spark of originality that is chic and stunning. Bravo Mr. Joop, Bravo.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

walking on a wedge


____________________oh, sorry for the delay, I was just bowing to these GORGEOUS wedges. Typically I do not find myself all googly eyed over a wedge, particularly because I feel that they are somewhat more difficult to walk in than heels, but these acne wedges have my undivided attention. My first meeting with them was on Fashiontoast and ever since then I feel like They've been popping up and gracing the pages of every fashion site. "buy me. buy meeeeeeeeeee!!" these are literally calling me, I mustn't give in! I must control myself from whipping out a credit card. but ahhhh aren't these just pure beauty.

But enough of my thoughts, what about you, love? hate? nothing new?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Classic Red


So you may be asking(or not) when did this love of shoes begin and the truth is, I dont know. But....what I do know is that the first time my eyes were made to focus on a shoe was during the classic, Wizard of Oz. Nothing says classy and fashionable like Dorothy's ruby red slippers. Don't you wish that when life brought in those tense moments that all you had to do was click your heels together three times. Though of course in this day of age we would be clicking together six inch YSL heels(which I don't have) and if we didn't have that, most of us would be clicking together our Nike's or flip flops or thrifted heels. Yes...times have changed.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Buckled In

Photobucket (The selby)

I do I do I do miss my tinklings of rain and drooping clouds. I do I do miss being able to layer and wear my boots all around town, so out of sheer happiness I raise my imaginary glass to the beauty of summer almost being over. I am beginning to dread shorts and sandals and floral blouses, where are the gorgeous trench coats, where are they!! If I have to feel this bleeding heat one more day I will move to somewhere where the sun is only a sidekick.

Sunday, August 9, 2009




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After long deliberation(5 minutes)

I decided to indulge myself in a blog consisting of my greatest obsession...
whoever said diamonds were a girls best friend was clearly mistaken.