Friday, August 21, 2009

Blushing through the mask

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While drinking a cup of tea and looking at my daily fashion blogs(karlas closet/fashion toast) I immediately go to the comments section. I cant help but notice the usual "we love yous" and "great outfit" which at times can get repetitive. The comments that really catch my attention are the anonymous comments because they may be blunt, mean, harsh but in a way they are saying what alot of readers are feeling. But, then again other commenters see them as cowards because of their anonymity but lets face it (1)some readers cant even express their true feelings even if they were anonymous and (2) you have to admit, reading the comments are interesting, some make you laugh, others cause you to roll your eyes and well others you want to delete but in the end anons are the real highlights and stars of the comment section whether us readers like it or not.
being an anon can be somewhat deeper, sometimes I feels like anons are the people who are truly being themselves. Non-anons hide behind invisible masks, some of us wake up each morning putting on a mask just so
we can get through the day.
What are your thoughts?
anons and non-anons welcome


Anonymous said...

i could not agree more. however, whilst non-anons hide behind invisible masks and often make very superficial and lol-worthy comments (i'm totally guilty fof this) at least they're in a sense "present". anons hide behind cloaks of anonymity and sometimes you can't help but wonder why they can't show themselves and say what they feel at the same time.

Couture Carrie said...

Interesting topic... I am somewhat removed from it since I don't allow anon comments on my blog... but maybe the dialogue would be richer if I opened it up!


Platform Princess said...
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Platform Princess said...

I have this convo with MM all the time.

I think anons hide because of the wave of harsh backlash to their own blogs if they stepped away from the norm (ass kissing). The sycophantic bloggers that praise popular bloggers would hunt them down and kill them... KIDDING! No, but really, I think anons only slate bloggers that are very narcissistic. Their own blogs are probably not that great (the popular blogger fanatic response)but I too believe that most of them are not trying to prove how great they are, just being themselves.

Although some comments can be outright mean, I've always found anons quite amusing. People need to lighten up. If for every 100 comments I received, only 5 were negative, I wouldn't complain. In fact, I would laugh my ass off. Life is about taking the rough with the smooth.

Just my 50 pence.

PP x

Obia (Haute and TRASHED) said...

posts like this is the reason i decided to start a blog.

pretty much nobody wants to be openly/directly lambasted, thus we have anons.

though, i am kinda glad that there are anon commentators. they in a sense keep us grounded, keep things real. too much praise is never a good thing and often corrupts the mind.

again, excellent post.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think you bring up an interesting subject. My problem with the whole issue is that, obviously, if you can't show your face when you say something rude or obscene, than you shouldn't be saying it. If you're hiding behind anonymity then you're just as bad, perhaps even worse, than the person standing right in front of you, lying to your face.

Sometimes I even wonder if these so-called "Anonymous" comments aren't done by people who are simply jealous. :/

MM said...

I'm guilty of posting the occasional anonymous comment. but it's because I want to say something, and I really don't want alot of traffic on my blog of people telling me i'm jealous or whatever.
cause I'm really not, i only make comments because I sometimes feel the need that they need to comeback down to earth.

when I dissagree with soemthing, i don't post it anonymously and that has gotten me in to trouble but it's okay.

but when someone is just really off-base thinking they're the new audrey, they just need someone to be like BITCH,PLEASE.

And I completely agree with the whole non-anons wearing masks. and I'm guilty of it myself from time to time. which is sad.

but yeah, you always have the comments that are like , oh my god i love blah, visit my blog.

so yeah, i quite like the anonymous comments i leave more than the other ones.
I wish I had the balls to just post both with my account.
maybe I'm isnpired to now.

I love the literature content of your blog. don't ever change it (:

Nubiasnonsense said...

Very interesting, I agree. You wouldn't be so harsh to someone who you like I suppose. But Anonymous Can also be done by jealous people.

The Haute-Shopper said...

This is a highly interesting topic and I agree that a lot of the comments I read - especially on personal style blogs - all seem to be the same. In fact, I don't even bother reading them and rarely comment on the bigger blogs of this kind (i.e. they really don't need a 60th comment telling them they look great). I've always wondered why those with wittier comments choose to do so anonymously. I guess it could be a fear of backlash or being followed back to their own blog, but if you really believe something and stand by it, you shouldn't really care if others question your opinion.

I think as long as the criticism is construcive and not soley meant to hurt the blogger (or made out of jealousy), no one can really complain about someone stating their opinion. The world would be pretty boring if everyone had the same mindset.

harps said...

Agreed. I love reading through the comments, just to see whether anyone has the courage to tell the truth and put out a less than complimentary viewpoint. People like Rumi and Karla attract so much ass-kissing, I feel sorry for the people doing it. I prefer to say what I feel and if its not nice I don't say it (because, the crazies will follow me to my blog and start dissing on me, probably). No wonder people 'hide' behind the anonymous name, its as if not liking a certain outfit is a crime.

Taryn Andre said...

wow, this is one of the best posts ive read in a really long time mainly because it holds a lot of truth to it.

Normally if i dont like something. I dont comment on it. Or if i see something could possibly have potential, i state what could make it better without the full blown harshness.

overall anonymous commentors are a lot more entertaining than non-anons

Taryn Andre said...

i remember this one anon called me ugly, when I got comments on how pretty I was. I didnt get upset because it was there opinion. Its all kind of funny.

Ashley said...

Hmm, I was just reading some anon comments on a blog, I think it was Knight Cat(?) and they were just pointless attacks. But the anon comments that actually critique in a constructive manner I can appreciate. I just don't see the point in people attacking other people for (excuse my French) sh*ts and giggles, you know? But you have such a good point about non-anons hiding behind invisible masks. I'm glad you posted about this, it's a good thing to think about.


FASHIONconfectionairy said...

You couldn't hve said it any better. I only read he anons even though i post nice things. Some anons are really true and make you think more abou tthe blogger and affects my opinions.

dapper kid said...

I absolutely agree with you. I often feel that it is the anonymous commenters who can truly say what they think without fear of souring their blogging relationship with another. Provided the comments are not rude or insulting, they can usually have really interesting things to say. And like they say, we all have two masks, the side we choose to show to the world, and the side we are in private. Although I totally wish I had a Guy Fawkes mask now lol.

Denise said...

woW. very well said.

i just comment at karla's whenever i really really like her outfit. But i really like that girl. She's fun and young, so let's give it to her.

anons for me are okay. I don't moderate comments on my site. I feel like everybody's entitled to their opinion.

I think some of the anons on karla's and rumi's are the readers with real accounts too. They just don't want to go beyond the normal "cool" comments. But yeah, they are honest and say what's on almost everyones mind.

AX80 said...

I think that as long as you are respectful you truly should say yours. I can't agree more when people say "lovely" or "great job". Insight has so much more to say.

Little Clementine said...

Well the anons are being cowardly for not showing who they are, but they aren't when they are voicing the truth.

I agree that a lot of us just say sweet things and whatnot without meaning it. I guess its complicated and depends on the subject of the comments. Outfits are objective, so one should be able to criticize nicely because it's just an opinion & everyone has different taste.

kelse said...

not gonna lie, I sometimes scroll through to have a laugh at the anon's ha

Anonymous said...

you have missed me by a mile

Poisoned Amour said...

that is very true, great point! i mean i try to make my comments unique, and as honesty as possible without sounding like a bitch. but sometimes i get lazy and admit i do the usual "great post! great blog" ect..
weird comment to add, but the mask you had on was the one i tried yesterday at the Halloween store and tried to freak my friends out with. haha, sorry so random lol!

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Anonymous said...

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kanishk said...

like they say, we all have two masks, the side we choose to show to the world, and the side we are in private. Although I totally wish I had a Guy Fawkes mask now

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the guilty hyena said...

Good post, it's Freedom of speech, everyone including anons should voice how they feel as long as its not a personal attack. I have to say when short on time and lazy I'm guilty of just leaving 'the Great Post' comment. :) I should do better!


Anonymous said...

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Ioana-Carmen said...

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