Friday, August 14, 2009

Tea Breaks


(The Selby)

Currently I am multitasking, not only am I writing this post but I am doing a metal headbang to the killers, When you were young(it never gets old). My day went as usual woke up/made tea/browse through tons of fashion blogs/go out and caress the night with timeless partying. Yes, my day was good, good indeed except I think I am beginning to annoy my neighborhood bookstore because I keep popping in(every 2.5 min) to see if they have received The Sartorialist book, Why!! Oh why do they do this to me?! Its supposed to already be out and be in my hands!

"Oh btw May I please have a raspberry tea with two packets of sugar, oh and on the side two fashion blogs, a sprinkle of anonymous comments and flame wars. Thank you, that's all"

sometimes reading the comments can be just as or a tad more interesting than the blog itself ;)


Little Clementine said...

Oh I also have been lusting after The Sartorialist! I would get it... too bad I'm currently broke beyond possibility.

Yuka said...

i love this photo!

Mikki on the go said...

Hello Shoeboxy gal,
Thanks for the sweet comment, you seem so sweet as well :)
Hardly believe your blog is only less than a week young?
Looks great!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Lol, adore the pic. And I absolutely love that song! And yes, the book should already be in our hands, I just can't wait.


PS: hope it gets to the bookstore soon!

Dannie said...

this is a cool pic, reminds me of me..haha
yeees- the sartorialist book should be soooo good!

kirstyb said...

oh i love this photo! My magazine stash is starting to look like that xoxoxo

Damsels said...

wow cant wait tosee that book . annd i would just love to see you headbang ;)

Flashes of Style said...

Loove this photo so much! Thanks for sharing :)

Tink in My Closet said...

I can't wait too see this book! Love this picture!